C. Help Youth Get Set

C4. Helping with Educational Planning:

C4.2 The Educational Planning Process


By placing educational planning within the broader context of future planning, we help clients make educational choices that are motivating, meaningful and sustainable. Living, learning and earning become inter-connected paths moving clients towards their desired future.

The following education planning model not only helps clients make meaningful educational choices, but helps them to build the confidence, knowledge, skills and support they need to successfully realize the future they want.

What Do Clients Need to Build Their Future?

How do clients achieve clarity around their preferred future? What do they need to build a clear and meaningful vision for their own future? There are a number of essential contributors that are necessary to future building.  These are:

An Educational Planning Model: The Big Picture

The educational planning model above provides a five-step process that addresses each of the contributing elements clients need to build a preferred future and to link that future with living, learning and earning. As you work with clients through each of these processes you will be helping them:

The model is circular, dynamic and holistic. Each element is inter-relational, potentially impacting and being impacted by the other.  As clients experience success in moving closer to their preferred future they build confidence and the belief that they can succeed again. This in turn increases self-knowledge; they become more aware of their strengths/weaknesses, interests and values and their growing experience build their awareness of the world of possibilities.

While the processes in the educational planning model are described in a developmental sequence you should expect to find clients dealing with any one of the issues related to the five processes at any given time, regardless of order. For any of the five processes; anyone can precede the other and all can enhance each other.

In the next few topics of this section, each element in the educational planning module is addressed in detail and you are introduced to practical tools and strategies you can use to help your clients through each part of the model.


C4.2 Self Application: Linking Learning we to Our Preferred Future

C4.2 Client Application: Linking Learning to Our Preferred Future

Related Topics:

Note: All of Circuit Coach concerns itself with helping clients develop in all areas that contribute to positive future building. The processes described in this section are transferable and can be used in other future building contexts. Here the focus is on educational planning but the model is also applicable to career development more broadly.  Importantly, this integrated approach to future building fosters client self-reliance by giving them the confidence, skills and tools to manage their own living, learning and earning.

The related topics given below demonstrate the model within the context of the broader career development process.

C1.Making Career Development an Everyday Activity for Youth

E4. Understanding the Career Development Big Picture

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