Canadian Career Development Foundation


CCDF consults with organizations and governments to strengthen career development services and the profession.

We are currently working on the following projects:

Building a Career Development Training Foundation
Health and Social Services, Yukon Government

CCDF delivered a foundational training course in career development for the Yukon Government’s Social Assistance Case Managers in order to establish a common vision and vocabulary. The session included a needs assessment to inform the development of a full training strategy.

Prove It Works – Common Indicator Project, Part 2
Governments of Saskatchewan and New Brunswick

The Common Indicators project is an evidence- based research project examines what changes clients experience as a result of career and employment programs and services and uncovers what sorts of interventions, delivered under what circumstances, work best with what kinds of clients. CCDF completed Phase 1 of this project in early 2014.  The first phase pilot tested a new data collection system and validated a set of “common indicators” of client progress and change.  A Feasibility Study for Phase 2 was completed in June 2014 and CCDF, along with New Brunswick and Saskatchewan partners, is now working to refine the data collection system based on findings in Phase 1.  Extended data collection, analysis and reporting will follow.

PEI Teacher Training
Government of PEI

CCDF is working with the PEI Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, school boards and other provincial partners to provide targeted career development training to teachers, counsellors and educational leaders in the province to support their Student Graduation and Transition Planner initiative.

Online Foundations Course
Government of New Brunswick and First Nations Education Initiative Incorporated (FNEII)

CCDF is developing a 3- hour online Career Development Foundations Course to extend the accessibility and reach of career development training to teachers, teacher assistance, support staff, employment counsellors and career development practitioners.  The initial course will be piloted in the fall of 2014 with goal of making the course widely available in the winter of 2015.

Pre-Employability Service (PES) Modules
Government of New Brunswick

CCDF is developing two modules targeted to adult clients with pre-employability needs.  The first module is focused on supporting and motivating clients in a change process and the second is focused on acquiring the skill/attitudes needed to move to career exploration.  In this project, CCDF is also training the deliverers of the modules to prepare them to deliver them effectively to clients.

Career Development Practitioners Training Program
Cree Human Resources Development and the Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue Continuing Education Services

The goal of this project is to provide, through the pilot partnership between Cree Human Resources Development (CHRD), Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue, Continuing Education Services and CCDF, the development and delivery of a 10 course Career Development Practitioner Training Program for CHRD service staff.

Career Development Practitioner Program at Nunavut Arctic College
Government of Nunavut, Department of Education and Nunavut Arctic College

CCDF is delivering a Career Development Practitioner Certificate Program. It is initially being delivered to the Career Development Officers and a second intake of the program has commenced with other service providers.

Delivery of Provincial Training Strategy (New Brunswick)
Government of New Brunswick

CCDF developed seven competency-based training courses and delivers them to career development practitioners across New Brunswick. A comprehensive needs assessment was conducted by the Department of Post-Secondary Education, Training and  Labour, using the Canadian Standards and Guidelines for Career Development Practitioners. Key competency gaps and priorities were identified and these shaped the course development. CCDF worked in close collaboration with the Canadian Research Working Group on Evidence-Based Practice to ensure evaluation was embedded throughout and a culture of evaluation is promoted. This training is the first program to be pre-approved as eligible for the International Association for Educational and Vocational Guidance’s new EVGP Certification. CCDF is currently engaged in a 3-year agreement (2010-2013) to continue to provide state-of-the-art training to front-line staff and managers.

Develop and Delivery of Training to Local Employment Officers
Kativik Regional Government

CCDF is delivering competency-based career development training to Local Employment Officers working across Nunavik.

2015 International Symposium on Career Development and Public Policy

CCDF has been an active contributor in planning the 2015 Symposium and, in its capacity as Chair of the CCCD, has been formally asked to lead the Canadian Team.  For more information about the symposium, click here.

Canadian Council for Career Development (CCCD)

CCDF chairs the Steering Committee of CCCD, providing leadership and coordination for the Council.

IAEVG Administrative Centre
International Association for Educational and Vocational Guidance

CCDF serves as the Administrative Centre for the IAEVG, providing member services, financial systems and accountability.

ICCDPP: International Centre for Career Development and Public Policy

In addition to serving voluntarily on the Board of Directors, CCDF manages the administration and finances for ICCDPP.